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Q) How do I contact you?

A) If you click on the Contact us page you can use the form provided at the bottom of the page, Alternately, You may contact us directly at 

Q)How long do these points last?

A) Any bought (or gifted) points last for the duration of the account and do not expire.

Q) What information do you hold about me?

A) The site encrypts all login data and any personal information you provide here, However all payment details are used directly with your provider (for ex paypal) and none of this information is held at all on this site, This makes for a more secure transaction and piece of mind, More details in the privacy policy section.

Q) Can I list something legal in my country even if its illegal in other countries?

A) although we understand that many sellers are honest in complying to local laws, unfortunately we cant take the chance, We cant allow any illegal goods in any country, even if its legal where you are and you stipulate its local delivery/postage only, As we are under law to regulate this, and accounts can and will be suspended or terminated if this clause gets broken, We hope you understand, But we want to create a safe trading platform.

Q) Is selling offsite allowed?

A) selling your item is your property, so you can list where ever you like, However please note we do not allow outside links or URL's in item descriptions.

Q) A new site is not easy to sell on due to low visitors, why should I list my items with you?

A) Good question, we plan to keep prices super low to justify your custom, we are running huge advertising campaigns across many platforms, and we are also giving free points to new users until end of this year (2020) and then after this to continue, we will be running monthly points giveaways, to keep this site busy with lots of items for lots of people.

Q) Are there any giveaway's or freebies on this site, how do I reach out to you?

A) We will run monthly giveaway's on out Facebook page and twitter @flogitdotbid  with lots of £1 £5 and £10 point packages, Please stay safe, DO NOT give your account password to us at any point, We will never ask you for it, Also at this moment we are not on any other social media platform other than Facebook and twitter please be aware of any fake site or page, if you spot something worrying, please let us know at

Q) I am receiving hassle/abuse from another member, What do I do?

A) Please tell us as soon as you can, We do not tolerate abuse of any kind, Either click on the "report" at the bottom right of the message or listing, Or copy the section into an E-mail along with URL and your/their username to and we will get right on it, We want all users to be respectful, even in difference of opinion as variety is the spice of life, Abusive accounts can be suspended/removed and all credeted points to that account lost.