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The points system explained

The Points system is devised to eliminate further fees from selling items. Points are pre-bought from “My Account” once you are signed in using PayPal or Stripe only. Using these points you can create listings or auctions.


When you create a fixed price listing the site removes the relevant amount of Points from your balance. When your item sells you receive all the funds (minus any payment merchant fees) with no further costs or bills from this website.

When you create an auction or a listing, the site will take the relevant amount of Points from your balance, if you have no balance then points must be topped up through the website, points are added instantly. 

For example:

Items under 100 pounds of value are FREE to list, (though upgrades like premium listings still cost points) Any item over that value is only 10 pence or 0.1GBP and thats it, no more to pay for either listings or auctions.

There are two ways in which Points can be purchased. They can be bought by a one-time purchase where the Points never expire or there is an option to subscribe for a monthly fee to receive your own store URL ( as well as the relevant value of Points. Once subscribed to the store you will need to enable the store feature by going to My Account>Store>Store Setup.

N.B (Store Users Only)

Points can be topped up independently to subscription by means of one-time purchase, At the end of the 30 day subscription period any Points remaining will still be available and added to the next months balance.

This site does not request money monthly. If you wish to cancel your subscription, please make a cancel request via your chosen gateway/bank/building society. Cancelling your monthly payment will not stop your store feature until the billing date is reached meaning that your Store is still fully functional until this date.